We source our pork from Tasmanian farms to ensure premium quality, flavour and tenderness. We choose not to buy cheaper larger male pork, but instead source smaller female pork. We buy pork from Tasmanian suppliers, including small local producers such as ‘Berkshires on Beer’.

We endeavour where possible, to stock free range for life pork. Many local producers focus on the preservation of rare breed pork, including the Wessex Saddleback & Berkshire pork. Whilst not originating in Tasmania, the Wessex Saddleback has been listed on the international slow food arc of taste, a list designed to highlight the plight of disappearing regional food groups of note and to encourage their use and consumption. Rare breed pork is of premium quality and is moist due to its marbling.

In addition we stock Scottsdale Pork which is paddock bred in the Cuckoo Valley Tasmania. Scottsdale Pork make every effort to ensure their pigs are comfortable, happy and contented. Prior to farrowing, sows are moved to paddocks with their own hut to nestle in. The piglets are reared in paddocks with their mothers, free to roam, dig, wallow and socialise. After 4 weeks, the piglets are moved to open plan large eco shelters, to protect them from high UV rays in summer and harsh winter weather. The pigs are free to move around and socialize within the shelters.

To place an order please phone the Butcher shop on 62236378.